Hawkes Bay Naturist Club

Membership Application

You can either:
    • Complete the form below and submit it online. You will be advised by email of the bank account for payment of the joining fee. Or
    • Download and print an application form. Hand the completed form and joining fee to a committee member or post it to PO Box 551, Napier.


Home Address          


Date/s of Birth         


Email Address         


Are children under 18 joining with you?                  Yes         No   

Names of children      

Date/s of birth          

If your partner is not joining with you do they agree with you joining?                   Yes         No   

Does your partner agree with your children joining with you?                                 Yes         No   

Who introduced you to the club?              

What club/s have you belonged to before?        

Why do you wish to join?


1. I/We wish to become member/s of Hawkes Bay Naturist Club Inc. If accepted I/we undettake to abide by the rules and bylaws of the club and will do nothing which might bring the club, its ideals or members into disrepute.
2. If this application is declined I/we accept that no reason need be given.
3. I/we authorise the club committee, if considered necessary, to obtain confidential references from any naturist club I/we have belonged to.
4. I/we agree to provide the personal information above and accept that the purposes for which it is required are valid (details overleaf).
5. I/we authorise the club committee to send relevant information to the NZ Naturist federation for entry into the central membership database.

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