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We welcome membership enquiries from anyone who is interested in joining our club. We hold Open Days at Labour Weekend and in January each year but you are welcome to contact us to arrange a visit at any time. Sundays in summer are a good time as we have afternoon tea at 3.00pm and there are usually quite a few members on the grounds

More information about membership

You will usually be met by a committee member who will show you around the grounds and the facilities and explain what is expected of members. You may feel a little nervous about your first visit, but don't worry; there is no pressure to take your clothes off on your first visit, unless you want a swim or spa.

Your first three visits are free of charge (although if you decide to stay overnight camping/ accommodation fees will apply), by which time it is expected that you will have decided whether you would like to join or not.

Social Gatherings

Our social team organises gatherings throughout the year, such as mid-winter Christmas dinners, Easter and Halloween parties, as well as themed pot luck dinners, games nights and competitions. We also meet in the clubhouse for afternoon tea every Sunday throughout Daylight Saving and monthly on committee meeting weekends in winter.

Upcoming and Past Events

Working Bees

Because we are a volunteer-run club, working bees are essential to take care of regular maintenance and keep our costs down. Working bees are a great way to get to know other members and enjoy a sense of cameraderie, plus you usually get a free lunch!